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Made this when I was bored. ACEO original :)

I ate your bad memories postcards!

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Audrina Plum Postcards :)

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Marie Antoinette Illustration! :)

Hooray for a new painting! I was on NBS some months ago and I was lurking alone. While looking for a I-really-don’t-know-what-to-buy-but-I-must-buy-something, I found canvass panels and I thought, I should try painting on them. So I bought one. I first used watercolor and colored pencils but I was unhappy with its pale appearance. I then found a box of poster paint which was given to me by my cousins and used them. And this is the master piece! :) errr. definitely need to practice. heh~
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I painted again today! :”> Wish I could say, “I’m finally back in dancing ballet” but nooo. hahaha. anyway, I tried painting on a canvass panel and this was the #wip of what I was working on. :)

Shimmering Shadow on the Water.
For Sale. :)
Opaque  by  andbamnan