this painting is done though. :) i’ll post it soon :D


Spending the night with my brushes and watercolor! Hello Mermaids~ :”>

A glimpse of my real soon-to-be profession ——> Interior Designer in the making! :)
But whatever happens, I’ll still live an artist life and continue painting while designing houses and other commercial spaces.~ :)))
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Audrina Plum
Fine art print available here ——> https://www.etsy.com/listing/180364478/audrina-plum?ref=pr_shop

Playful Tree Nymph.

This original watercolor painting is still for sale =) any takers? :))

Such an epic fail. :( This was supposed to be David Archuleta.
I swear it looked like him when i was sketching the outline but when I started shading it, David became an “i-don’t-know-who-this-guy-is” portrait. hahaha

mini fine art prints of my watercolor paintings :)))

hahahahahaha :D
Opaque  by  andbamnan